Curriculum Vitae

Malcolm J. Germain. M.A. (Cantab)

British Subject
Status: Married


                        Queens' College, Cambridge University
Engineering Tripos Pt 1
Electrical Sciences Tripos (2.2 Hons)

                        A-Level (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Gen. Studies), (All Grade A)
Special Paper (Maths). (Grade 1)

                        O-Level (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English Lang, French, German, Latin)

Programming / Systems Skill-Set

Programming Languages and Development Tools

C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, .NET Framework 1.1 & 2.0,

Visual Studio .NET (2003 & 2005)

Embedded VC++, Embedded VB, .NET Compact Framework

Borland Delphi (Versions 1 – 7)

Perl, PHP
'C', 'C++', Visual C++ (incl MFC),
Java (Sun), Visual J++, Borland JBuilder

COBOL, Pascal, Fortran, Algol

Microsoft Assembler

Visual Basic, VBX SDK, OLE2/OCX,

Pro*C & PL/SQL (Oracle), ESQL/C (Informix),
Uniface, Borland C++Builder,

Active Server Pages, PHP, CGI, Perl, Borland Intrabuilder.



Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access, Informix, Dbase, MySQL.

Operating Systems

UNIX (Unisys System V, Unisys BSD, Motorola, HPUX, Ultrix, SCO, Sun, DEC Alpha), Linux, AIX (RS6000), AIX (6150), AIX (PS/2)
DOS(3,4,5,6), OS/2, Windows 3.11, Windows NT 3.51 / NT 4 / 2000 / XP, Windows 95/98
Windows CE (Pocket PC 2000, 2002 & 2003), Windows CE .Net 4.20, Windows Mobile 5, Palm OS
Novell 2.15 & 3.11 (NLM SDK)
Unisys A-Series MCP, IBM OS/400

Communications Software

Lan Manager, Windows 3.11 / 95 / NT Network (Netbeui).

Application Systems

Oracle Manufacturing. Movex, mTMS, BAAN
BPA (Clear Orbit).


1980 - Present

Director / Consultant
Waverley Business Services Ltd.
Technical / Manufacturing Systems Consultancy / PDA & Portable Data Consultancy.

Technical Design of Integrated Manufacturing & Financial Systems for Mainframe, Mini, Micro and Personal Computers, including initial design, management of programmer and analyst teams, and project management of initial customer installations.  Technical Design of Systems for Portable Data Collection and Display on mobile devices such as PDAs, Smartphones, and hand-held terminals.

Main Projects Undertaken:

2006 – 2007    - Large Telecom Supplier

Major project undertaken to Design, Act as Lead-Developer, and Implement Win XP/.NET based Telephone Call-Centre call management system using MS SQL Server and VB.Net.  This system replaces their current web-based call management system for the logging and progression of Telephone faults, and is deployed at some 250 work stations in several sites across the country.  It provides increased responsiveness and functionality compared with the web-based system, allows hand-over and escalation of calls between agents and managers, and also integrates with their legacy IBM-Mainframe based systems for accessing sales, customer and technical data regarding the telephone line at fault.

2005 – 2006    - K3 Business Technology Group

Two Major projects undertaken to Design, Program and Implement Win XP/.NET based Point-Of-Sale systems in C# using touch-screen cash-till/terminals and scanners, processing Credit Card transactions, and communicating with Back-end Order Processing system and PAF Addressing subsystems using XML.  Data transformation and migration from native Uniface/SQL server database to XML data for accessing by till software.  Additional projects undertaken for them, to interface both Sage Accounting and Microsoft MapPoint into their Back-end Order Processing System.

2005                - Supply Link Systems

Project undertaken to Design, Program and Implement an RFID Kanban Replenishment system using C# and SQL Server, with Samsys UHF RFID readers connected to WiFi/GPRS enabled PDA devices in-turn connected to controlling PC’s.

2005                - Westwood Technologies

Project undertaken to Design, Program and Implement an unattended embedded Linux system using Arcon industrial linux-based units in C for data-acquisition, using GPRS for data transmission, and GPS for accurate time reference.

2005                - Gilbraith Transport

Project undertaken to Design, Program and Implement an Internet-Browser based front end system in ASP.NET using C# and SQL Server for a Warehousing/Transport company to allow their customers to schedule receipts into and deliveries from the transport company’s warehouse. Data transformation and migration from legacy systems to MS SQL Server database.,

2005                - Sheila Rose Accessories

Project undertaken to Design, Program and Implement a Web-Based Online Store with dynamically generated catalogue and shopping cart, written in ASP & PHP.  Integration with MS SQL server database. and both PayPal and ProTX merchant gateways for real-time credit card processing.

2005                - General Dynamics

Project undertaken to Design, Program and Implement a Warehousing Front-End system for General Dynamics using Delphi, Oracle Manufacturing and Intermec WiFi, Static and Offline Bar-Code terminals and Intermec Bar-Code printers.

2002 – 2005    - PDA Data Ltd

Several major projects undertaken to provide mobile data on Smartphone PDA devices, including Design, Programming & Implementation of https based interface to third-party Manufacturing and Accounts Software using PHP, ASP, Embedded VC++, Embedded VB and C#, allowing secure data-collection, product and customer enquiry and order entry by means of GPRS equipped PDAs and similar devices. Extensive Design, Programming & Implementation of https based Canvassing Software using ASP, Embedded VC++ and Embedded VB, and Java allowing secure questionnaire presentation and data-collection by means of GPRS equipped PDAs.

Design, production and marketing of ‘Lone-Worker’ monitoring and panic-alarm software using SMS messaging and Cell Tower addressing with Embedded VC++ and C# on XDA phone/PDA devices.

Migration of these systems from Embedded VC & VB to .NET with C# and Embedded VC++ 4.0.

2002 – 2003    - Masons Solicitors

Provided extensive expert assistance to the defence team for a complex Computer Litigation action.  Designed and carried out comprehensive system testing on the computer systems which formed the basis of the action, with the subsequent production of system analyses and reports.  Assisted with the interviewing of witnesses, and the collation, analysis and presentation of evidence.  Following presentation of evidence in pre-trial discussions, the plaintiffs dropped the case and paid the defence team costs.

2002                - MGH Group

Designed, programmed and implemented a complete bespoke stock-control, goods receiving, manufacturing  and sales-order processing system in Delphi with MS SQL Database for a specialist electronics recycling company. Data transformation and migration from legacy MS Access systems to MS SQL Server database, with data consolidation and cleaning.

1997 – 2002    - BEC Systems Integration Ltd

Several projects undertaken involving the Design, Programming & Implementation of Shop-Floor Data Collection into Oracle Manufacturing System using fixed and radio-link data collection terminals and PDAs using Pro*C, PL/SQL, Embedded VC++ & VB, C# and Perl, to integrate Connectware, BPA (Clear Orbit), bespoke, and In-house-developed systems, for companies such as Madge Networks, Xerox, Cummins, ArvinMeritor Automotive, Partner Orange and Colt Telecom.  Implementation at warehouses and factories in UK, Eire, Sweden, Holland, Italy and Middle-East.

1996 – 1997    - Cedardata

Major project undertaken to provide consultancy and programming services to Cedardata, a financial software house as part of their portation to a Client/Server environment using Oracle Forms 4.5, Pro*C, Java and Delphi.

1995 - 1996     - Fujitsu Systems

Project for Fujitsu – Siemens to Design, Program and Implement a Warehouse Data Collection System developed with Pro*C using radio-link bar-code terminals connected to Oracle Mfg. System on Fujitsu/Compaq Unix Servers.

1994 – 1999    - Eurodirect

Consultant to Company specializing in Graphical Information Systems, combining Ordnance Survey, Census and Postcode data into a windows-based demographic analysis system for Mailing, Lead Tracking and Lifestyle analysis. Data warehousing & provision of Marketing Information Data to large companies using Oracle Servers.  Data transformation including cleaning, de-duplicating, postcode lookup and address cleaning for their clients’ customer information databases.

1985 – 1995    - BEC Systems Services

System Designer, Technical Architect and Programming Manager for Integrated On-Line Manufacturing and Financial System (mTMS) based on Networked Super- Micro (CTOS) Computers..

System Design, and Programming Manager for all modernisation and enhancements to mTMS including porting to Unix, Unisys Mainframes, IBM AS400, VAX VMS. Porting to PC architectures including DOS and Windows with development of custom windows controls using visual rapid-development tools. (Uniface, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Borland's Delphi).  System Designer and Programmer of an end-user reporting tool written in C, which allowed users to simply specify and generate complex reports from the database.  System Designer and Technical Architect for the conversion of the mTMS back-end database to both Oracle and Informix.  System Design for the integration of Shop-floor data capture systems into mTMS.  Data transformation and migration from a large number of differing legacy systems to the mTMS database.  Implementation, Project Management, User Training and Troubleshooting for mTMS installations at Customer Sites worldwide, including Project Manager for Installation & Implementation at Unisys Factories, Philadelphia U.S.A.

1980 – 1985    - Burroughs Machines

System Designer, Technical Architect and Programming Manager for  Database-based On-Line Manufacturing and Financial System (TMS) for Burroughs Machines which was sold worldwide as their flagship ERP product.  Implementation, Project Management and User Training for such systems at Customer Sites, including acting Computer Manager, British Telecom Factories where I was responsible for Installation, Implementation and Project Control of initial implementation of this product.


1977 - 1980

Data Processing Manager,                           Burnley Engineering Products Ltd.

Responsible for the management of an eight-strong computer department and the implementation of both packaged and in-house-developed Production Control, Shop-Floor Data Collection and Financial Systems in the aerospace industry.

1975 - 1977

Senior Systems Programmer / Analyst,        Don International Ltd.

Responsible for Technical Design & Systems Programming on Burroughs Medium-System Machines.

1974 - 1975

Lecturer in Computing.                                  Oldham Technical College

Teaching Computer Science & Data Processing to A-Level and City & Guilds Students.

1972 - 1973

Analyst / Programmer,                                   North Western Electricity Board

Programming in assembler (BAL) on IBM 360 & ICL 4/70 Systems

1969 - 1972

Undergraduate Electronics Student              Queens' College, Cambridge

Programming many of the University's Systems, including IBM 360 & 370, Atlas, IBM 1130 in FORTRAN, ALGOL & Assembler.

1968 - 1969     GAP Year between School & University

Laboratory Technician,                                 Leeds University, Dept. of Medicine

Programming the University's English-Electric KDF9 system in ALGOL, and Olivetti Programma system in machine-code using Curve-fitting & statistical techniques.